Professional Keratin Smoothing Council
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About the Council

In the history of the professional beauty industry, the keratin smoothing category has emerged in the last five years as one of the fastest growing, and potentially one of the most lucrative categories to ever hit the industry. The Professional Keratin Smoothing Council (PKSC) has been established to achieve the following key objectives:

A. To become the industry portal for accurate information about keratin hair smoothing products and applications, and related services, through policy analysis, legal advocacy, regulatory development, scientific testing, and education and innovation

B. To establish, maintain, and continuously develop appropriate, responsible, and rigorous testing and supporting regulatory regimes for professional and consumer safety, including standardization of testing, ensuring MSDS compliance with the international GHS mechanisms, and full disclosure of ingredients in keratin hair smoothing products and applications

C. To solicit the participation and comments of all interested parties on a fair, equitable and open basis

For more information about the Council, contact:

2761 Plaza Del Amo
Unit 904
Torrance, CA